St. Peter's Church

Visitor's guide to St. Peter's Church in Faro

Façade of St. Peter's Church, Faro

Those who visit the more famous and monumental Carmo Church should also stop at this 16th-century church nearby. Much of it was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1755, so it has a plain façade, with just a Mannerist-style portico with Ionic columns topped with an image of St. Peter, to whom it’s dedicated. Inside, however, it presents a rich decoration made of golden carvings and baroque tile panels.

St. Peter's Church, Faro

This was originally a small church of local sailors, but was expanded when it was made a parish church. It was enriched with one of the earliest examples of baroque decoration in Algarve, on the main chapel. Two side chapels feature a later rococo style, and one of them is framed by blue-and-white tile panels.

Rococo chapel in St. Peter's Church, Faro

Before entering, notice the stork nests on the bell tower and on the roof.

Exterior of St. Peter's Church, Faro

How to Get to St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church (Igreja de São Pedro) is located in Largo de São Pedro, a small square within walking distance of the Old Town and the marina.

Admission to St. Peter's Church

This church is free. It’s usually open in the morning and in the afternoon, at irregular times. There is Mass on weekdays, usually at 6pm, and on Sunday mornings.