Where to Stay in Faro

Guide to the best hotels and best areas to stay in Faro and hotel booking tips

Hotel in Faro

Any hotel in central Faro places you within walking distance of the tourist attractions, the bus and train stations, and the pier for the ferries to the islands. The two most popular hotels are by the marina, which is just steps from the Old Town and public transportation. Those are the Eva Senses Hotel and the Faro Hotel & Beach Club.

If you have a car, however, you might prefer to stay at two grand hotels outside but close enough to the city -- at the beautiful Pousada Palácio de Estoi or at the Real Marina Hotel & Spa. Faro has good budget accommodation but just one 5-star hotel (the 3HB Faro) in the center, so if you’re looking for the luxury experience, you’ll want to also consider the Pousada or the Real Marina.

If you’re visiting Faro at the end of your holiday in Algarve and want to stay close to the airport, the 3K Faro Aeroporto Hotel is where you should stay.

The only beach with accommodation is that of Ilha de Faro. If you want to spend your days on the islands, you should stay in the center of the city, close to the pier.

Booking Hotels in Faro

Prices go up between July and September, but Faro is generally more affordable than other destinations in Algarve. However, everything does tend to be fully booked for the summer early in the year, so you should book well in advance. It’s also more difficult to find last-minute deals when there is great demand. When booking, keep in mind that the rate depends on the season, the size of the room, and whether it includes breakfast (in Portugal it usually does, but always check that). Local authorities are strict, so even budget hotels and hostels are clean and with good facilities.