Bus from Faro to Seville

How to go from Faro, Algarve, Portugal to Seville, Spain by public transportation

Seville Bus Station

Seville is just 2 hours from Faro, and although we wouldn’t suggest going on a day trip (you wouldn’t have time to see all of the great attractions in just a few hours), you might want to add the historic Spanish city to your travel itinerary. In fact, the capital of Algarve is closer to Seville than it is to Lisbon, so for a break from the beach, Seville is a wonderful option.

From Faro to the Spanish border (the Guadiana River) it’s just 45 minutes on highway A22, and once you cross the bridge, the road becomes the A-49, which goes all the way to Seville.

If you don’t have a car, you can take an express bus. The Spanish Alsa company has three daily services and takes 2 hours and 45 minutes (it stops in the city of Tavira before continuing to Spain). Tickets can be anywhere between 9 and 29 euros, depending on special online offers and on how early you buy them.

The buses are modern, comfortable and air-conditioned, and depart from Faro’s bus station in the city center (on Avenida da República). They terminate in the center of Seville, at the station in Plaza de Armas, which is within walking distance of most attractions.

Your only other option besides driving or taking the bus (there are no trains), is using a private transfer. It can actually be a good deal if you’re traveling in a group (it takes as many as 5 people). It can pick you up at Faro Airport or at your hotel in the city: Private Transfer from Faro (and other Algarve destinations) to Seville

Faro to Seville map